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Advice for Homeowners on Fence Staining Services

Not Certain Whether or Not to Stain Your Fence?

There are high-quality latex paints available for staining wooden fences, but an oil-based stain may last longer and lengthen the lifespan of your fence. The majority of individuals think there aren’t that many stain color options available. However, a variety of dyes are now available that you or your professional fence staining service can apply, thanks to a number of manufacturers.

Put all of your supplies, including some thick plastic, a rough roller, and a brush, together after selecting a color. A staining brush differs from a regular paint brush. Because it has larger and wider bristles and is built to handle the demands of staining. You are now prepared to begin staining your fence.

First, make sure the fence is dry. As it frequently takes more than 5 weeks for a newly constructed cedar fence to dry. You must also allow your fence to dry after pressure washing it. Additionally, keep an eye on the local weather forecast because finishing your staining project will require at least 3 days of dry weather.

Sand down your fence after cleaning it. This is necessary to get your fence ready for staining. Since this is a significant job, the majority of individuals at this point prefer to hire a professional fence staining service.

To safeguard your property from any unintentional drips and overspray, cover any objects and plants with some sturdy plastic. Always roll the surface first, then brush. This process will go more quickly using a tiny rough roller, but you’ll still need a brush for the smaller details and any tight corners.

All of the aforementioned actions are intended to give your fence more durable protection, lengthen its lifespan, and improve the aesthetics of your house. If you live in or around the Fort Worth, TX region and would like more information on our services, don’t hesitate to call Guaranteed Fence Stain at (817) 618-4885 right away.

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