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Deck Staining Tips

Wondering How to Immortalize the Beauty of Your Newly Installed Deck?

Whether you’re trying to protect a brand-new deck or are just trying to make it appear nicer. Deck staining might the best option you should consider. Occasionally, stains can differ in function in addition to color. It’s essential to pick a stain that works especially with your deck, takes into account the degree of weathering of the wood, acts as a water repellent, and other related issues.

Before, homeowners were advised to wait at least a year following the installation of their deck before painting it in any way. The idea behind this was to give the deck time to weather in and withstand the elements. Staining the deck right away after installation is permissible as long as it was not treated with water repellent.

If a homeowner purchases a home with a deck already installed, they can easily check to see if the deck has been treated with any water repellent by simply pouring some water on it and observing how the water reacts. If the water is absorbed, it is clear that no water repellent has been applied to the deck. Water, on the other hand, will indicate the existence of some type of water-repellent coating if it either stands, puddles, or rolls off.

Additionally, how well the deck has weathered might help you decide on the right deck stain. To prevent premature peeling and premature weathering, a deck coating that forms a film must be applied before any weathering takes place. The homeowner may have more control over the application process for penetrating finishes, such as those that are oil-based and produce a semi-transparent stain.

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