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Fence Staining Service: The Difference Between Painting and Staining

Bright Fences!

Any home would benefit greatly from a wooden fence. Beautiful and improving the appearance of any yard, front or back. With help of a fence staining service, it contributes significantly to your family’s protection while also improving the appearance of every property. Both paint and stain provide protection to your fences, but which is better?

Painting Your Fence

It’s common knowledge among homeowners that horizontal surfaces like decks ought to be stained. Stains do endure better when walked on. You have more freedom with vertical surfaces though, as nobody but the cat is likely to scale your fence. Variety is paint’s greatest asset. You can definitely choose from a wide range of colors and finishes if you decide to paint your fence. Want a purple fence to go with the purple wisteria over your front door? Paint is the best option. In contrast to stain, which comes solely in a flat sheen, paint allows you to customize the shine.

For the most part, latex paint dries to the touch in an hour and completely dries in four to eight hours. Nearly two days are needed for the stain to dry. Paint, however, also has drawbacks. It costs more, needs primer, requires more time to apply to ensure color uniformity, and could peel or crack.

Staining Your Fence

The material of the stain is entirely different. You notice the can’s thinness as soon as you open it. Stain alters the color by soaking into the wood rather than sitting on top of it. Paint is less forgiving than stain since you may not need primer and because you don’t have to work as hard to achieve a consistent color. The stain will perform significantly better than paint if your fence is textured or has a rough-hewn appearance. It accentuates the texture and inherent beauty of raw wood. However, if you’re painting a surface that is particularly absorbent, your gate can shock you with how much stain it needs.

Manufacturers now offer a wider variety of stains. Customers have the option of clear, opaque, or a trace of color. Most of the time, you only need one coat of stain. Fence stains won’t peel, split, or blister like paint does. Stain, though, can be finicky. Only stain your fence when it is at least 50 degrees outside and no rain is expected for at least two days in order for it to dry properly.

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