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Fence Staining Tips

Considerations When Looking for a Fence Stain

Wood is a well-known fencing material. The only problem is that this material is prone to water and other environmental damage. The good thing is you can protect your wooden fence from such dangers. When it comes to protecting your wooden fence, investing in fence staining services would be the best course of action to take.

Before we go to the things to consider when staining fences, know the benefits it offers first. Stain enhances the appearance of your wooden fence. It will change its worn-out look into its newly installed appearance. It also protects your wooden fence from moisture damage. Fading from the sun’s harsh UV rays will be prevented too. That said, you’re now already aware that staining is vital for your fence.

So when staining fences, here are two vital things to keep in mind:


Oil-based stains and water-based stains are the two types of wood stains. The latter uses an acrylic formula. Painting elements can be easily cleaned with water and soap. With oil-based stains, on the other hand, you can find alkyds. It provides excellent penetration. But when cleaning up, mineral spirits become a necessity. And if you can’t choose between these two, there are also combinations that you can find on the market. A stain that offers the deep penetration of oil-based stains and the easy cleaning of water-based stains.


When selecting a fence stain, you’d want to know the opacity too. There are three opacity levels to choose from. These are transparent, semi-transparent, and solid. For new wood, a transparent fence stain is highly recommended. It’s the perfect choice for cedar wood as this will highlight the luxurious wood’s natural beauty and unique color. If your wooden fence is a little bit weathered, you might want to choose semi-transparent stains. And if you prefer covering the aged surfaces and rough look of your wooden fence, solid stains will be your best choice.

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