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Fence Staining Tips

All About Fence Staining

If your wooden fence is looking a bit dull, try out some fence staining. It is a process that is simple and costs a fraction of what you think. You can do this yourself or hire a professional, here is how to stain a fence:

What Tools and Materials Do You Need?

You will need wire brushes and paint rollers, not to mention a lot of patience! If you are using a brush for the job, you will also need paint that specifically states that it is safe on fences. These brushes are usually made of plastic or springy fibers.

What Are The Preparations?

You will need to paint or stain your fence, in order to make sure that it is dry before the final step. You should start by scoping out the right area. You can do this by lifting the fence ever so slightly and looking under it. You want to make sure that the fence is vertical and not leaning or slanted. You could end up with a sloppy, uneven job, or worse, completely ruining your fence.

How Do You Stain Your Fence?

You will have to roll out the stain on the fence. The key to doing this is to make sure that you evenly coat your fence. You will need to give it a few minutes to dry and then add another layer if necessary. Depending on the weather, you may have to add a second coat of paint to make sure that your fence is completely covered. The more cover it gets, the more protected it will be.

What Are The Advantages Of Staining Your Fence?

Staining your fence will save you a lot of money on fence work down the road. It’s also a good way of dressing up and making your fence look new. It also gives a more finished look when the fence paint is dry and hard.

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