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Fence Staining Your Home Fences With Water-Based Stains

Why You Should Use Water-Based Stains for Your Fences at Home?

Staining your fence is a great way to give it a facelift. While there are different options for staining your fences, using water-based stains are the most common products used for staining. Water-based stains are a great option for staining your fences and they’re highly recommended for wood fences. Here’s why water-based stains are ideal for fence staining:

Less Likely to Damage Wood

Water-based stains are less likely to damage wood. When you apply a water-based stain, the stain goes down into the grain of the wood and penetrates deep into its pores. This prevents rot from taking hold of your fence’s wood fibers, which is important because it will make your stained wood last longer and look better. Water-based stains also reduce splintering. They don’t contain any solvents or acids that can leave behind residue when drying out on fence surfaces.

Non Flammable

Water-based stains are non-flammable, so they’re safer to use around your home and family. They also require less maintenance than other kinds of stains. The fact that they’re easy to clean up after use makes them even more environmentally friendly since you won’t have any leftover waste or chemicals in the air!

Less Odor Emission and Less Harmful

Water-based stains are much less likely to emit any kind of odor than those that use oil-based or latex paints. This is because water-based stains contain fewer volatile compounds and are less toxic. Since you won’t need to wear full protective gear, there’s no chance that your fences will get on your clothes or skin when applying water-based stains. There’s also no danger of getting splashed by a panful of paint spilling out onto the floor as it dries!

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