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Fencing Materials for Lasting Safety and Easy Fence Repair

Top Materials for Long-Lasting Fences and Easy Repairs

A fencing system around your property gives it a boundary and completes the aesthetic look. On the other hand, a properly installed fence fends off unwanted intruders and keeps your family and property safe. Whether it is safety or aesthetic appeal, one of the main concerns that keep ticking at the back of your head is its durability and fence repair costs. It can be overwhelming to choose the proper fencing material. Read ahead to learn about the most durable, safe, and easy-to-repair fencing materials.

Wood fences

Wood is one of the most popular materials for fencing. Apart from being sturdy, wood fences have a long lifespan. Spruce can survive for 4–7 years, pine for 5–12 years, and cedar for 15–30 years. However, this longevity is increased by treated wood. Keep in mind that moisture is one of the key factors reducing the durability of your wooden fence. For the best installation and care, rely on a fencing contractor.

Chain link

Metal chain link fencing is one of the most affordable fence materials available. Chain link fencing can last for many years, depending on care and proper installation. A galvanization coat can increase its life span even more as it prevents corrosion and dust accumulation. This type of fence is customizable, which is why it is suitable for any kind of property. It requires minimal to no maintenance, and repair costs are very affordable.

Wrought iron and steel

Wrought iron and steel fencing are two of the most robust and long-lasting materials. Because steel is lighter and more flexible than wrought iron, it is slightly more common in residential buildings. However, steel fencing can be exceedingly strong and hefty. For a good reason — besides having a timeless appearance, wrought iron fences have withstood centuries of fashion changes. These fences provide top-grade safety and are inexpensive to maintain.

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