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Kinds of Stains You Can Use for Deck Staining

Make Your Deck More Attractive

Staining wood & decking a deck is a great project to consider, even if you’re a first-time DIY deck builder. It’s a way to give your deck a fresh, clean look and add some additional utility to what would otherwise be wasted space. But, before you start looking for stain colors to choose from, read on to find out more about the kinds of stains you can use for your deck staining project!

Clear Stains

Are you looking for a way to highlight the beauty of your deck? Then, you will want to consider clear deck stains. These are easily applied, easy to clean up, and have numerous color options. Because of the clarity of the stain, you will be able to see the wood grain and texture of your deck. Depending on your mood and how you want your deck to look, you can select a clear stain that is either light or dark.

Paint Stains

If you want to be able to paint your deck at some future date, then you will want to consider painting stains. They are just as easy to apply as clear stains but offer you the flexibility of being able to paint your deck in the future. You will need to get the stain consistency correct or the stain will not adhere well to the wood, and you will see runs between the deck planks.

Dyed Stains

If you want to add some color to your deck, then dyed stains will be the way to go. These stains are available in both natural and synthetic and come in a wide variety of colors. You will just need to make sure that you buy the right dye or stain for your deck. If you buy one that is too dark, then you will struggle to see the wood grain, and if you buy one that is too light, then you will be applying a coat that will not adhere well.

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