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Tips for Professional Fence Staining

Many homeowners go for the wooden fence, not fully realizing the kind of maintenance they require. If you wish to keep your fencing looking perfect for as long as possible, one of your simplest and most affordable options is to stain it. Staining your fence can become even easier once you read our tips on staining your features, provided by your local fence staining service company.

Tip #1: Pay Attention to the Weather

One of the most important things to remember is that wood behaves differently when there is higher humidity in the air. If you wish to achieve perfection on your fence, you should stain it at the most appropriate time. Keep in mind the fencing should remain dry for at least two days after applying the stain to dry properly. In other words, do not begin your staining endeavor when you know it will rain.

Tip #2: Humidity and Temperature Also Matter

The perfect temperature for applying any staining product on wood fences is between 10 and 32 degrees Celsius. Some experts recommend 21 degrees as an optimal temperature, but others disagree. So, you really do not have to go into that many details, just make sure the temperature does not go below ten or above 32 degrees. Another thing to remember is that the more humid the air is, the more time your fence will need to dry up completely. If humidity is below 30%, each coat of stain will require not longer than 12 hours to dry up completely. Likewise, if humidity is above 60%, you will need to wait up to 36 hours between each stain application.

Tip #3: Clean! Clean! Clean!

You also have to thoroughly clean your fencing before applying any stain. The preparation process is important, so take your time with it. Make sure to replace any missing wood. Also, tackle broken and extruding screws or nails. Once you have done that, sand your fence to remove any chips and smooth rough areas, and apply a wood cleaner to make sure the stain will attach to the surface without any issues.

If staining your fence seems like too much hassle, just contact our local fence staining service company. Guaranteed Fence Stain is a professional staining contractor you can count on to achieve excellent results. We serve customers in the Fort Worth, TX area. Give us a call at (817) 618-4885 today.

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