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Tips From a Dependable Fence Contractor

4 Easy Ways to Maintain Iron Fences

Iron is famous for fences since it is strong, long-lasting, and adaptable. Like any other building material, iron has a drawback: it rusts easily. Even if installed by a professional fence contractor, it still requires regular care to keep it in good shape.


Perform a complete inspection of your fence regularly. Check it more frequently if you are located near the coast or in an area with extreme weather. The problems can be fixed before they worsen thanks to the early detection made possible by the inspection. Check for rust, bent or missing hardware, cracks, scratches, and other cosmetic damage.


Surprising as it may sound, washing your fence with warm soapy water can help prevent several issues. Scrub it with a soft-bristled brush or an old toothbrush. Get some clean water and let it drain before letting the fence dry. The most common causes of scratches, dust, and dirt will be removed in this manner.


You can prevent further rusting by painting over the areas where you’ve removed the rust from your fence. In addition, touch up the faded areas with paint so that the fence retains its luster; otherwise, it will look worn and unattractive. It’s essential to select a color that harmonizes with the exterior of your home.


Most homeowners appreciate how the climbing plants adorn the fence with a lush, verdant appearance. Vines may look pretty, but they pose a danger because the moisture they retain can seep through the top layers of your fence, weakening it. As such, get rid of the plants climbing your fence.

Maintenance is critical to have an iron fence serve you for a long time. Work with a professional to install, repair, and maintain your iron fence! In Fort Worth, TX, Guaranteed Fence Stain is the fence contractor you can always turn to for the job. Dial (817) 618-4885 now for an appointment.

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