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What Are the Common Fence Problems That Require a Fence Repair?

Typical Fence Problems That Require Repairs

A fence dramatically raises a home’s curb appeal. Sadly, not all fences will endure a lifetime, particularly without appropriate maintenance and quick fence repair. However, before requesting a teardown and fence installation, think about doing the necessary repairs and preserving what you already have. Having said that, we outline some of the most typical types of fence damage and offer solutions for each particular problem.

Leaning and Sagging Fence

A sagging and leaning fence is an eyesore and imperils the safety and privacy of your property. Repair is frequently required to address this problem, which is typically difficult to do. Prior to repairing or re-building the fence, identify the cause of the leaning or sagging. When there is just slight tilting or drooping, installing a tension rod or brace may provide adequate support. If you are unable to pinpoint the cause of the tilting, consult knowledgeable experts at a fence company.

Rot or Insect Damage

It may not be the case that the entire building is in danger if you see a few boards with corrosion or insect damage. It would be costly and unnecessary to tear down and replace your entire fence because the broken boards might not be as well-sealed as the others, enticing pests and rot. A preferable solution would be to only remove the infected or infested boards. You can simply replace these boards, and then a pro can clean and reseal the entire fence to stop pest infestations and decay in the future.

Mildewed Fence

A typical issue with wood and vinyl fences is mildew. Mildew may develop on your fences as a result of their ongoing exposure to the environment, which is a problem in humid and wet regions. Staining your wooden fence is one action you can do to prevent mildew. However, if the mildew is stubborn, pressure washing your fence may help to remove the spots. And to help restore the vinyl fence to its former luster, consider using soap and water and a power washer.

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