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Why Deck Staining is Necessary

Protect Your Deck!

An increasing trend among most homeowners is to use outdoor spaces for recreation, dining, and entertainment. Examples of this trend include outdoor kitchens, lavish patios, and spacious decks. It is crucial to ensure that your deck and other outside wooden structures are sufficiently protected from the elements in order to maintain an aesthetically pleasing exterior and lengthen the lifespan of your investment. Regular staining is essential for protection on your deck. Read on for a list of benefits of regular deck staining.

Prevent Sun Damage

Untreated or unsealed wood is severely damaged by the sun. It breaks much more easily because it dries out much more quickly than it would normally, changes color, and warps in shape. If you choose a high-quality stain to prevent the sun’s rays from completely penetrating the wood, your deck will last longer.

Fights Off Moisture

Like exterior paint, deck stain can aid in preventing moisture from permeating the wood. Deck stain acts as a barrier between moisture and wood even if it doesn’t entirely cover the wood like paint does. If the wood has become water-soaked and has started to grow mold or mildew, expanded, or become brittle, you might need to replace planks and repair the deck.

Avoid Cracking

Many people think that treating a deck with deck sealer will take care of any potential wood issues, but cracking is one issue that sealants by itself can’t solve or prevent. Due to the sun and the wood’s inherent tendency to dry out, your outside wood may quickly crack. Using an oil-based stain will assist keep the wood’s necessary moisture inside while keeping extra water out, preventing both cracking and moisture buildup or warping.

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